Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Speculative station locations

Speculative map of the JRL network
Credits: y2koh
Having explored the roads that the Jurong Region Line (JRL) may align with, here is our speculative map of the station locations. Once again, we reiterate that these station locations are part of our prediction based on available information and site conditions, not the final location or announcement by relevant authorities.

For the purpose of our speculative map, we have broken the line into three main branches with the associated codes as follows:

  1. Central / Choa Chu Kang branch (JC) - Runs from Choa Chu Kang to Jurong Industrial Estate
  2. Western branch (JW) - Runs from Boon Lay to NTU
  3. Eastern branch (JE) - Runs from Tengah to West Coast
Jurong Central / Choa Chu Kang branch (JC1 - JC12)

Station locations JC1 to JC5 & JE1.
Credits: y2koh
JRL viaduct seen crossing Brickland Road onto Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 at HDB hub exhibition on Tengah New Town.
Starting at Choa Chu Kang, we expect the line to follow along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 as seen in plans released by the Housing Development Board (HDB) for Tengah New Town recently. Along CCK Avenue 3 there should be a new station to serve the Choa Chu Kang West district.

As indicated in plans for Tengah New Town, three stations will be located in Tengah along the Central / Choa Chu Kang branch. We have given these the names Lam San, Tengah (Central) and Hong Kah; to be located at the Forest Hills, Market Place (Town Centre) and Garden districts respectively.

Draft Masterplan for Tengah New Town. Grey section on the left is a Integrated Public Transport Utility (depot).
Source: HDB
Former expected depot site.
Credit: URA
The recent plans unveiled show a shift of location for the depot. In the masterplan 2014, the depot was supposed to be located at a site along Jurong West Avenue 2. It appears that the depot has since been shifted to the southern part of the Jurong Innovation District in Tengah New Town. We expect that there may be an option for stabling facilities to be located at the formerly proposed site.

Locations of stations JC5 to JC8.
Credits: y2koh
After crossing the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), the line follows along Jurong West Avenue 2. Two stations are expected to be located here - one at Bulim and one at Wenya. Both stations should provide adequate coverage to the residential blocks, Jurong Junior College and industries located in the area. As the line swings south to Jalan Boon Lay, another station should be located roughly around River Valley High School.

Station locations of JC9 to JC12.
Credits: y2koh
The line continues south along Jalan Boon Lay with a stations at Chin Bee Drive and Jalan Tukang. Once the line crosses the Ayer Rajah Expressway, the final two stations can be expected in the vicinity of Jurong Hill and Pulau Damar along Jurong Pier Road. The Jurong Central / Choa CHu Kang branch terminates here.

Jurong West branch (JW1 - JW6)

Jurong West branch comprising of stations JW1 to JW6.
Credits: y2koh
From the Jalan Bahar / Jalan Boon Lay station located outside River Valley High School, the line should swing westwards and follow Jurong West Street 64 to intersect the East-West Line at the western end of Boon Lay station. The next station along the western branch is envisioned to be located near Jurong West Avenue 4 before the line continues on Jurong West Street 75. A station to serve the Gek Poh neighbourhood is expected.

Following the Gek Poh station, the line crosses the PIE again to enter the Cleantech region of the Jurong Innovation District. Another station should be located at Nanyang Hill with the final terminus of the western branch along Nanyang Drive.

Jurong East branch (JE1 - JE7)

Station locations of stations JE1 to JE4.
Credits: y2koh
The Jurong East branch turns off from Tengah (Central) going through the plantation district with a station, for our map named Chichau. From there, the line heads towards Bukit Batok Road where a station is expected to be built opposite Dulwich College.

JRL viaduct as seen at the Tengah New Town model exhibition at HDB hub. JRL turns to run along the PIE.
The line turns to run along the PIE, crossing to join Jurong East Central. It is expected that a station will be built to serve Toh Guan and Yuhua districts. The line continues on to Jurong East where it interchanges with the North-South and East-West Lines.

Speculative station locations of stations JE4 to JE7.
Credits: y2koh
The JRL will bring commuters closer to the High Speed Rail terminus with a possibly integrated station along Jurong Town Hall Road. The line heads over the AYE and swings onto West Coast Road. It stops along Pandan Gardens and terminates at the recently announced Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) flats at West Coast.

We hope that the above stations give some insight to how the JRL may be developed and the types of services operated along the network. Once again, we would like to highlight that the above locations are part of speculation with educated guesses. The official announcement of the station locations will be due shortly and until then the above should not be treated as official information.


  1. Great analysis! I hope it will eventually turn out as you predicted.

  2. JE6 Pandan Gardens should be nearer to Teban Gardens along Jurong Town Hall Road they have teared down many older flats over there..

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  4. If you look at the video about Jurong Innovation District, you would know that the line from NTU curves into Jurong West Avenue 4 from Jurong West Street 75. Furthermore, there are soil investigation activities observed along Jurong West Street 64 from Jurong West Avenue 4 to Boon Lay Way, but none observed at Jalan Boon Lay (from Jurong West Avenue 2 to Boon Lay Way). I remember there is a photo at y2koh photobucket that shows the alignment of Jurong Region Line, during a HDB talk about Tengah new town. Considering the author (y2koh) probably knows the exact alginment, I would like to know why is the author misleading the readers with a fake alignment at Jurong West. All the "speculations" are accurate, except for the Jurong West section.

  5. I hope there will be a stop near pioneer pri sch too. Instead of gek poh

  6. I hope there will be a stop near pioneer pri sch too. Instead of gek poh

  7. I hope there will be a stop near pioneer pri sch too. Instead of gek poh Aluminium Scaffolding Rental

  8. Good analysis! I am actually hoping that Pandan Gardens MRT station can be shifted slightly west to accomodate more residents. However, with this analysis, I think it is great that they have included Pandan Gardens.