Sunday, September 24, 2023

J112 - Jurong Pier update H1 2023


2 June 2023 - A view of the station construction site. The line will terminate before the two
chimney stacks seen in the background.

As with fellow contract J112 station, Jurong Hill, it has been some time since we updated on the progress here. Nonetheless, here's an update on Jurong Pier station, albeit a bit delayed. To be honest though, there has not been much visible (or exciting) work taking place at the site. Most of the work has been within the station site to get the site prepared and foundation works completed for the station to be built atop later on. This station in particular, will have an exit connected via a subway. It is expected that the said exit will also serve the future Cross Island Line (CRL) station that is anticipated to be built along Jalan Buroh to offer additional connectivity in the form of a transfer point.

There may be potential for a small bus hub to also be located in the vicinity, relieving the existing bus interchanges at Boon Lay and Jurong East of some services and freeing the interchanges up further.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

J112 - Jurong Hill update H1 2023


2 June 2023 - A view of Jurong Pier Road, looking southwards to the site of Jurong Hill station.

Contract J112 takes over from where contract J111 ends, at the southern end of Jalan Boon Lay. This contract will see the construction of the 2 southern-most stations on the Jurong Region Line (JRL) western route at Jurong Hill & Jurong Pier. Also to be built under this contract is a vehicular underpass beneath the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), connecting Jalan Boon Lay & Jurong Pier Road. The JRL viaduct piers will sit in the median of the underpass, thus calling for a complex sequence of construction as the pile caps will need to sit even further below ground to make room for the underpass which must be built underneath the existing AYE flyover. In this post, we take a look at the progress made at the Jurong Hill station site in the first half of 2023.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

J111 - Tukang update H1 2023


2 June 2023

The second station being built under contract J111 is Tukang. Located at the southern end of Jalan Boon Lay, near the namesake Jalan Tukang, the station will serve industrial buildings at the southern part of the Jurong Industrial Estate. Of the two stations under the contract, Tukang is the one slower in progress. This update covers the slight changes noted at the site over the first half of 2023.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

J151 - Preview by LTA & more


Source: LTA

Today the Land Transport Authority (LTA) released a video showing a preview of the Jurong Region Line (JRL) trains undergoing testing in Korea. Two prototype trains have been produced thus far and are being put through their paces via dynamic tests on a test track. The sets are likely to be set 1 and 2, which will later be updated and shipped over to Singapore after production of the batch of 60 remaining trains has commenced. The same happened for the Downtown Line (DTL), where set 3 of the trains was the first to be shipped to Singapore, following prototype tests on sets 1 and 2, which were then updated with refined components used on the final batch of trains.

Source: 남천역

Another clip also shows the two trains on the test track in Korea. The first train can be seen at the 0:27 mark while the second is seen later at 1:02. We look forward to the completion of testing & for the first train to reach Singapore, roughly expected to be around 2025.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

J111 - Enterprise update Q2 2023


29 June 2023 - A section of the site of Enterprise station.

Contract J111 was awarded to China Harbour (Singapore) Engineering Company, the company's first contract to construct an MRT section in Singapore. The contract calls for the construction of Enterprise (JS9) & Tukang (JS10) stations and associated viaducts. Either end of the contract interfaces with adjoining contracts for other sections of the line - the western end connecting to the Boon Lay station with a cripple siding track and the southern end continuing over the Ayer Rajah Expressway to Jurong Hill.

Friday, September 1, 2023

JRL - A snapshot in August 2023

Overview of JRL stations JS1 - JS8 as at end-July or August 2023.
Top (L - R): JS1 - Choa Chu Kang, JS2 - Choa Chu Kang West, JS2A - Forest Hill
Middle (L - R): JS3 - Tengah, JS4 - Hong Kah, JS5 - Corporation
Bottom (L - R): JS6 - Jurong West, JS7 - Bahar Junction, JS8 - Boon Lay

Overview of JRL stations JW1 - JW2 & JE1 - JE7 as at end-July or August 2023.
Top (L - R): JW1 - Gek Poh, JW2 - Tawas, JE1 - Tengah Plantation
Middle (L - R): JE2 - Tengah Park, JE3 - Bukit Batok West, JE4 - Toh Guan
Bottom (L - R): JE5 - Jurong East, JE6 - Jurong Town Hall, JE7 - Pandan Reservoir

Overview of JRL stations JS9 - JS12 as at end-July or August 2023.
Top (L - R): JS9 - Enterprise, JS10 - Tukang
Bottom (L - R): JS11 - Jurong Hill, JS12 - Jurong Pier

So we're going to try something new, given that we're aware our quarterly updates take extremely long and don't seem to be current enough. Here's a snapshot of the progress of the Jurong Region Line (JRL) stations under phases 1 and 2 as of end-July or August 2023. We'll try to see if we can do these for more current updates once a month to give you an idea of the latest progress, on top of the compiled quarterly progress updates.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

J109 - Pandan Reservoir update Q2 2023


20 May 2023 - A view of Pandan Reservoir station site.

The last station under contract J109, and for our phase 2 updates as of Q2 2023, is Pandan Reservoir. This station will also be the terminus of the eastern route - until plans to extend the line are finalised. Initially, the line was anticipated to have ended at a station that would have allowed interchange connectivity with the Cross Island Line (CRL). However, we understand that as plans for the CRL were being drawn up, the West Coast station of the line was shifted further east to serve the West Coast neighbourhood proper. As such, the planned connecting station just across the Pandan River did not materialise. Combined with the fact that there were studies ongoing about extending this route of the Jurong Region Line (JRL) to link up with the Circle Line (CCL), ultimately lead to the line's eastern route terminating at Pandan Reservoir for the foreseeable future. At this moment, we are unsure if the CRL's West Coast station has any provisions for connection with an extension of the JRL from Pandan Reservoir.

Just like Jurong Town Hall's update for Q2 2023, we will begin with a review of the site as of Q1 2023.